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I Have Long Hair And Want A Change

It’s no secret that long hair can take a toll. From constant tangling and breakage to the endless cycle of wetting it, drying it, and then rewetting it again. There are so many annoyances that come with having long hair, but more importantly, there is also the mental toll it takes on you. The stress of constantly worrying about if your hair has been properly coiled or how to maintain it. No matter how much you love your natural locks, they do take a lot of maintenance and care. And while we understand not everyone loves their long locks, there should be some common courtesy extended towards them as well. On occasion, a deep conditioning treatment or a haircut might be in order to refresh your locks and give them that new ‘do. But those are things that should be done when they are necessary – not as a routine every six months or whenever there’s an aesthetic change in mind. Even though we understand the need to keep things fresh sometimes, it can be hard to convince yourself to cut your locks every time an opportunity arises for you to grow them out even further! Keep reading for some inspiration on other ways you can freshen up your look without cutting your hair again!


  1. Try A New Hairstyle
  2. Change Up Your Color
  3. Get A Professional Blowout
  4. Add Some Highlights
  5. Take Up Sports Or Activewear
  6. Dye Your Hair And Go Dark
  7. Don’t Forget The Shower Room Is Cleaning Accessory
  8. Conclusion

Try A New Hairstyle

It’s time to try a new hairstyle! The process of growing out your long locks can be both physically and mentally exhausting. But just because you have longer hair doesn’t mean you have to keep it the same way. You should feel free to experiment with your style. Here are some ideas on how to change your look without having to cut your hair:
Put in a new color or highlight
Try a new style like braids, extensions, or a shaved head
Try a new haircut like an asymmetrical bob or pixie cut

Change Up Your Color

Changing your hair color is one of the most popular ways to change up your look without cutting your hair. Your locks might go through many changes over the course of a year or even more often, but when you are ready to switch things up, it’s always best to try a new hue and find out how much you love it.
Not only will changing your hair color give you an instant dose of confidence, but it also makes you feel refreshed. It’s like taking a vacation from having long locks – which can be exhausting at times!
So, if you want some inspiration on what color to choose next, check out these tips on finding the perfect shade for you!
A great way to find out whether you are ready for a change in color is by coloring in your eyebrows with a temporary tattoo pen. If your brows turn black quickly, then just know that it’s time for a new shade! Another quick way to test out different hues is by buying some eye shadow or lipstick and wearing them around the house before going out in public. What’s great about this method is that there is typically no waiting time involved – unless you’re trying to decide between two shades of the same hue – so you can go right into experimenting with all those colors right away!

Get A Professional Blowout

One way to freshen up your look without cutting your hair is by getting a professional blowout. You can get a professional blowout at any hair salon, but we recommend trying it at home for the best results. If you’re not familiar with how to do this at home, don’t worry, because it’s really easy!

1) Wet your hair with warm water and shampoo/conditioner

2) Section off your hair into 3-5 smaller subsection curls (you can always choose more or less depending on the length of your hair)

3) Apply a generous amount of heat protectant serum (this helps keep your hair from turning too red from the heat of the curling iron)

4) Use a large barrel curling iron for thicker hair or a small barrel curling iron for thin/fine hair

5) Gently squeeze out each curl and smooth them out with your fingers as you go along

6) Once done, apply some lightweight hairspray to keep everything in place

Wet And Wild Hair Trend: The Mermaid Haircut
This one is perfect for those who are looking for something fresh and new. It would be perfect for someone who already has long locks that they just want to change up their look. This haircut is all about giving the illusion that you have shorter locks! It’s a trend that is still in style right now so it won’t go out of style anytime soon! Some

Add Some Highlights

A little bit of color can go a long way. Adding highlights to your hair is a great way to make it look more vibrant and alive, while also giving it an additional layer of protection from the elements. Highlights don’t just have to be in your natural hair color either! There are tons of colors out there that can be added to help you make your locks look fresh and new again. If you want something bold, try reds, oranges, or even dark browns for some contrast. For something more subtle and delicate, try different shades of blonde or even pastel colors like pink or blue.
Another option for freshening up your look would be to add some texture with a textured dye job or weave installation. This will give your hair some added depth and dimension that will make it more interesting, as well as helping protect all the important layers that are underneath from the elements. On top of those things, adding texture will also make your hair feel softer and less tangled!

Take Up Sports Or Activewear

A great way to change what you wear is to switch it up with a new sportswear or activewear line. If you’re feeling like your wardrobe is missing a few pieces, take up something new! This will not only help you feel fresh, but it will also help keep things interesting for your wardrobe. Plus, wearing something new makes you feel confident and powerful in that moment.
So many people go through this routine of changing their hair every six months or so in order to change the look. But why not switch up what you wear instead? The same way that changing your hair helps create a fresh start for yourself, switching out your clothes will do the same for your overall style and confidence levels.
Changing how you dress can be just as easy as changing who you are inside. Throw on some leggings and a pair of sneakers for once, mix in some heels with a cute dress – these are all changes that can make a difference right away!

Dye Your Hair And Go Dark

If you want to go from long hair to short, dark, and sleek – then you need to dye your hair! Whether you are trying to go from a deep brown to blonde or from black to platinum blonde, there is always something new that can be done with hair color. If you want some inspiration for the perfect color for your hair type and style, there is no shortage of options!

Don’t Forget The Shower Room Is Cleaning Accessory

Too long hair can take a toll, but there are some ways you can keep your hair looking and feeling fresh without cutting it again. If you’re thinking about changing up your look, a new style might be what you need to give your locks that extra oomph. But not only is a new ‘do good for your confidence, it also has an added bonus of making the upcoming shower room cleaning easier! With more manageable locks in place, it becomes easier to shampoo those roots and get rid of any oils. Make sure to keep this in mind when trying out new styles: your next haircut could make the upcoming shower room cleaning much more manageable and comfy than before!

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Hair color is one of the most important aspects of a woman’s beauty routine. And if you’re tired of your hair color, changing it can make all the difference.