Let Your Phone Become A
HairStyle Mirror

Pick Your Favourite Haircut Easily and LIVE

Mirror, Mirror In The Hand...

Look into ypur phone and see which hair style will pop-up.
Let's explore some of the awesome features of this Android app.

Live simulation

With live-face tracking: hairstyle follows the face in real-time. The only app on the market with LIVE simulation in the moment you are looking into your phone or tablet.

Change color, brightness

Change color and adjust brightneess, contrast of any hairdo easily and almost to any color you like.

Change size and move it

Easily change size with your fingers. Or just grab the hairdo, move it around and place it anywhere on the screen.

Lock to the screen

Lock the haircut to the screen and move only your device to find the best fit between your face and the haircut.

Edit it after

You can also fully edit it (change color, select another one, move it around,...) also after you took the photo.

100+ Hairstyles

More than 100 woman's hairs from various styles. See which hair is the most popular in your country.

See in Action

Have great fun on phone or tablet
Switch between front and back camera.
Change size with fingers or move the hairstyle around
Seel all hairstyles grouped in categories, take the photo
A list of short hair
Simulator in action

LIVE simulation

This app requires the camera

You need a front camera to see yourself! If you don't have front camera, you can still use the rear camera to try it on others.

Just look into the phone or tablet (or point the phone to another's face) and a randomly chosen hairdo pops-up. Choose another one easily with arrow buttons or choose it from the List. You can customize it the way you like it and after you are done take the photo and share it around.

Perfect for simulating hairstyles

Choose the style that suits you best with this app

Choose from many beautiful hairdos
More than 100 haircuts: short, medium, long hair, styles for special occasions (for a prom or a wedding) and some crazy ones

Easy to change the color, brightness, contrast and size

Most popular selections
List of most selected hairstyles by country

Show off your new look

Hairdesing app for Android
Find your new look



A sneak peak into the app

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